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Individuality and transparency – art insurance products and services

Whether insuring your private or museum collection, a work of art as part of your international gallery work or your exhibitions with loans from your home country and abroad: VOSS & FINE ART GmbH, Berlin, offers you the art insurance tailored to your needs.

Insurance of all types of loss and damage - “all risks” insurance - is a special area of art insurance. But are all the risks really covered? What possible exclusions and obligations are part of your policy? Rather than a quick closure, providing transparent and comprehensive advice is our primary concern. We want you to feel assured and well informed.

Our products and concepts in art insurance

Whether for insuring your portfolio, your loans for your own exhibitions or to third parties, whether you are part of a museum association with several independent buildings and depots or insuring your long-term loans in the interests of the lenders. Working in coordination with you, we develop a tailored art insurance concept for all alternatives.

Private and corporate collections
Would you like your art collection insured at home, as well as in your holiday home or on your yacht? Or keep your art well protected if you have a newly acquired exhibit or it is with the restorer. VOSS & FINE ART GmbH would be pleased to competently advise you on the various options available for your art insurance.

You daily work demands flexibility in insuring your works of art and those entrusted to you. Whether you participate in a trade fair, design your own exhibitions or an exhibit is dispatched to a customer – we provide you with the assurance so you are able to act freely and safely.

“Backgrounds”, sculpture
Tina Haase, 2010

VOSS & FINE ART GmbH Insuranceservices
in co-operation with SchneiderGolling Group

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