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Our networks are your advantage – art insurance means more than just insuring art

Our longstanding experience, combined with our competence in the fields of art history, the art market and insurance, offer you an invaluable advantage – to be in a position to call upon a widely branching network extending far beyond art insurance.

Insurance companies
The risk bearers for our clients’ individual policies are renowned and well established insurance companies that would pleased to assist you with their expertise in security matters or in evaluation.

Restorers and art experts
In the event of damage, you want a fast, reliable and competent assessment and settlement of your claim. An extensive network of suitable art insurance experts is on hand to support you, both in assessing damage and in restoring your work, as well as in determining any loss in value.

Different carrier have different areas of expertise. Whether a bulky bronze sculpture from Henry Moore or delicate Chinese porcelain, carriage by sea or a dispatch rider - VOSS & FINE ART GmbH would be pleased to assist you in finding a suitable art carrier for your project.

“Agave”, painting (detail)
Thomas Kitzinger, 2004

VOSS & FINE ART GmbH Insuranceservices
in co-operation with SchneiderGolling Group

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